Purpose and function of KiwiArchive

KiwiArchive and the group of BizArchive international sites is the world's largest collection of historical, archival or incomplete business directory information available on the internet.

It compliments AllBiz and the group of AllBiz international websites.

AllBiz lists over 160 miljoen mainly active international businesses and BizArchive lists over 210 miljoen archival international business listings. There is almost no overlap between the two directory sets. Combined the websites database has over 370 miljoen unique business listings.

KiwiArchive is a free online database service of AllBiz company. AllBiz has been collecting business record data for hundreds of millions of businesses around the world for more than twenty years. In our AllBiz directory, we list more recently acquired or more complete business directory information.

We created KiwiArchive because we have had many instances where users of our databases have wanted information about a business even if it has closed or is incomplete. We have discovered there are many uses for this archival data.

In our AllBiz directories, we list businesses that we believe are current and/or important. In KiwiArchive, we list all the businesses that we have found in our data collection processes that we do not list in AllBiz. These businesses are mostly closed businesses or less active current businesses or businesses where the information we have been able to collect is sparse.

We believe that AllBiz and BizArchive combined provide the largest free resource of business directory data on the internet and together are the number one resource for finding information about current and past businesses in the world.

Also, sometimes we remove an active business because we have not found information about the business recently but the business is still active. Also, many times businesses that have closed are still listed in our AllBiz directory because our data collection process is limited, imperfect or slow and we have not yet moved the business to our archive.